Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 12 - July 20th Progress by Atmostphear

Feeling lazy again on the screenshots, mostly because there's getting to be too many things I'd have to screenshot. Hopefully I'll get time to take some nice ones here soon.

  • Tweaked the lighting again
    • Because you know which person can never be happy with anything?
      • It's me, I'm that person
  • I fixed the falling animation for the boss
    • It looks okay for now, not super smooth but it gets the job done
  • Added a sound effect when dealing damage
  • Made some adjustments to the camera and raised up the arms on the player to move them into the camera more
    • I'm trying to get that Elder Scrolls immersive camera feel
      • It's definitely not Elder Scrolls immersive but I tried
    • The camera also clips into the player's character a bit but it's not super noticeable
  • The goblins have animation now
    • Including two whole death animations that are randomly chosen!
  • Speaking of the goblins I got them awesome looking daggers courtesy of Quandtum on
    • Seriously this dagger is super cool, I really love the art style
Rogues Talon by Quandtum
  • I added a popup text to alert the player to seek out the boss
    • Just in case someone tries to play it down the line and doesn't realize there's another room with a boss in it


  • The final feature of the game:
    • AI combat
      • Once I have this done the game should be essentially complete
      • Unless the respawn mechanic I put in last week wasn't working
        • Still haven't got to test that yet...
      • Also I'll need a death animation for the player but that takes 5 minutes
  • If I have some spare time I'll add in a knockback mechanic that the boss can use

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