Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Day 5 - July13th Progress by Atmostphear

Did mostly blueprint work again so there won't be much for show and tell today.

  • New feature: Boss weakens after each wave 
    • Each wave he loses 5% of his max health 
    • However, he doesn't drop below half health
  • Hopeful bug fix: Put in a check that makes sure enough goblins spawned to finish a wave 
    • This should fix the issue of exactly 1 goblin not spawning on a random wave 
  • New feature that doesn't actually do anything yet: Respawn! 
    • Resets back to wave 1 on death and resets the boss to his max health 
    • Can't test if it's working since I haven't implemented damage yet
  • Put in some arches because I was tired of looking at a blank ceiling 
    • You guys like arches right?

Such arch
  • Issue that is driving me up a wall: Navigation modifier is not fully building
    • This might be a bug with the Unreal Engine
      • Crossing my fingers that it isn't or I'll have to rework the AI
    • Basically the modifier tells the boss where it's not allowed to be
    • When the the project reloads the modifier will only fill a 2000x2000 box in the middle of the map and no other modifiers can be made anywhere else
    • 2000x2000 is not big enough
  • TODO:
    • Maybe work on that knockback functionality I said I would do a few days ago..?
    • Implement a basic UI so I can actually see what's going on
    • Work on a torch flame particle if I have time

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