Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day 11 - July 19th Progress by Atmostphear

Did a boatload of stuff today since I slacked off this weekend. If I post screenshots it will be later because I'm feeling lazy.

  • Thinking about naming the game "Overlord Slayer" 
    • Not super excited about the name but it works for now
  • Melee combat is functioning
    • I had it working yesterday but I didn't realize I was actually healing enemies instead of damaging them *facepalm*
    • Attacks for the player sweep so you can slash through multiple goblins which is pretty satisfying
    • Need to add some sounds for melee
  • Added some small health bars above the goblins' heads
    • That was some awkward wording, good thing I'm not a writer
  • Added a big health bar for the boss that pops up Dark Souls style when you engage him
    • Shows his name and has a number for current health / total health
  • Speaking of the boss and goblins they have some new meshes
    • Got them at mixamo.com
    • Have some of the animations for the boss working
      • Need to figure out a falling animation
    • No animations for the goblins yet
  • Also made some minor tweaks to the HUD and lighting
    • Just can't be satisfied with the lighting
    • Added anchors to the HUD so it should work for multiple resolutions
    • Tweaked some other various things with the HUD


  • Get animations for the goblin and put them in
  • Get the rest of the boss animations working
  • Implement combat for the AI
    • Hopefully I can figure this out
  • Like I said above fix that falling animation for the boss

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