Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day 6 - July 14th Progress by Atmostphear

  • Added in a functional HUD
    • The health bar stays the same color, the gif didn't record properly
HUD in action
  • Boss falls from above now for 2 reasons
    • 1, it looks pretty cool and badass
    • and 2, I couldn't fix the navigation modifier issue I've been having for days so the boss needs to stay off the map until the player triggers it in
      • Remind me to look into level streaming, it might be an alternative to navigation modifiers
Falling boss
  • You may have noticed that there's fog now, wow!
    • Still playing with it to get it how I like
  • Minor fix: Only the player can open/close doors now
    • Goblins and pretty much anything that had collision used to be able to trigger doors to open/close

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