Friday, July 22, 2016

Day 14 - July 22nd The Final Day by Atmostphear

Well, I made it, the game is complete... sort of... I guess I should say playable. So I'll make this post a reflections and overall thoughts rather than writing about how I struggled immensely trying to figure out AI combat for 7+ hours. I'm definitely not happy with the AI but at least it tries to fight back.


Here we go, reflecting time. I'm really glad that I stuck through with it until the end. I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to make it through. On average I was spending roughly 12 hours a day working on this, minus a few of the days. I'm completely exhausted but I really think I made some okay progress over these 2 weeks. I still want to keep pursuing a career in game development but I'm doubtful that will come true since I feel like my game was pretty below average.

Overall Thoughts:

The game itself was most likely below average like I just stated above. I'm not too happy with the "final" prototype product. I definitely improved though and that's clearly visible by looking at the day 1 submission. I'd like to participate in more game jams but I think I'll take a break for at least a couple weeks since I am mentally drained now. Also I'm really kind of disappointed in the Unreal Engine. I really liked the blueprinting system but there were many things that didn't seem to work as intended. At least the way I interpreted it. For example, sometimes if I set a delay no delay would actually happen or the time when I was trying to create a nav modifier but it kept resizing. Anyways, I'm definitely going to look at switching engines for my next creation.

Thanks if any of you bothered to read my awful and cringey blog posts. I'd love some feedback and pointers so email me, leave a comment somewhere on the blog, find some way to contact me. I'll drop a link to the download below.

Also if anyone in the future reads this and wants to work on a project with me don't hesitate to contact me. I really want to work on something bigger and gain more experience. I think my email is on this blog page but just in case it isn't...


Happy gaming and so long.

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