Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 4 - July 12th Progress by Atmostphear

No screenshots or gifs today because it's late, I'm now exhausted, and I did mostly blueprint work anyways.

  • Boss AI (this was a big pain in the ass)
    • Finally doesn't act like he's one of the goblins, well... most of the time
    • Remember kids, delete your RecastNavMesh before trying to build navigation
  • Potions (also a pain in the ass but not as bad)
    • Currently you start the game with 2 potions
    • Press 'E' to use a potion
    • Each potion heals 25 health
      • Max health is currently set to 100
    • They take 2 seconds to heal 25 health
    • If you try and use another potion while one is going you don't get the full amount of health back
      • So don't spam that potion button!
    • Your potions are refilled after a wave
    • Every 5 waves you gain another potion
      • This caps at 10 potions
  • I probably did other things but my brain is fried at this point
  • Issues:
    • I have a lot of them
    • Also,
    • For some reason on a random wave exactly 1 goblin will not spawn and prevent you from finishing the wave
      • I'm not bitter
    • Projectiles are bouncing off the invisible boxes that trigger opening and closing doors
      • I'll look into fixing this when I implement the actual weapons

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